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Welcome to this course on The Ultimate Accounting Refresher Course which will teach you the fundamental concepts of accounting which are the language of how businesses operate. You will be welcomed by Justin Lake from Think Numbers Group who is an experienced Accountant and practitioner with 15+ years experience in this field. In this lecture we will give an overview of the course so you can understand what is involved. The course is primarily targeting students, business owners and professional who would benefit from learning accounting concepts and want things explained in simple terms so you gain valuable knowledge quickly.

The course covers concepts that are taught in a majority of Universities around the world and your teacher, Justin Lake, certainly has the experience in practice and in teaching accounting that you will find his style professional, engaging and clear in his teaching style. If you love this course please don't forget to give us a 5 star rating.

Let's get started to learn accounting and nail the skills once and for all........

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