Accounting is the language of business. Learn essential accounting and financial skills in an easy to follow course by a seasoned practitioner and educator. Justin Lake builds finance systems for a living and teaches in such a simple and practical way.

Previous to building online courses, Think Numbers founder, Justin Lake, was been teaching Accounting and Finance since 2008.

In today's uncertain world, there is one thing for sure when it comes to business and this is that the numbers do the talking. Build your skills in this discipline and and understand not only the theory behind Accounting and Finance but how systems are built in this digital age.

Our Story

Justin Lake has spent the past 20 years studying, practicing, implementing and learning about Accounting & Finance Systems and business processes. He is extremely knowledgable not only on the theory of accounting, but also how systems should be built to support business. He has been working across multiple industries and businesses in Australia.

Frustrated with the how finance teams too often rely on broken systems and processes, he set out to solve this problem by founding Think Numbers. Very often the missing link for an organisation about to embark on a major system change is the right balance of resources that have both finance experience as well as understanding the technology that they are working with. 

Another big aspect to getting the finance function working effectively is a solid understanding of the concepts, practices and systems within Finance to make it an effective business function.

Our courses aim to educate and inspire anyone wanting to learn this discipline and also to make a difference to the businesses that they support.

"Justin was extremely knowledgable on the subject of Accounting and broke down key concepts of understanding in a constructive and helpful way."

- Warwick Peters

Accounting & Finance

Become a master in debits and credits and reading financial statements.

Corporate Finance & Cashflows

Learn investing decisions & how to manage your cashflows.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Learn to plan for the future & manage different scenarios.

Finance Systems

Learn about ERP, Planning and BI tools used by Finance Teams.

Finance Transformation

Learn about practices organisations strive to achieve for maximum efficiency.

Future of Finance

Learn about the latest trends, technologies and methods to improve business performance.

"Justin made the impossible happen for me. Never id I think I would understand (like actually understand) what and how Accounting works, especially with zero knowledge. I felt confident and almost excited going into my test! I can't thank him enough for his efforts and incredibly efficient ways of teaching."

- Isabel Wilde


"I believe the word "Refresher" is exactly appropriate. I've had this course in University a few years ago and this course was very good at reminding me of the double-entry process. I would give if 5 stars, but it seems that the Case Study only makes it as far as the closing entries... after that, it doesn't get used for the Financial Statements. I don't think it's a big deal as I remember it's fairly easy after the bookkeeping part is done." - Abraham Oros

"This course is a lifesaver! The videos are easy to follow and understand. I wish I watched them earlier on in my MBA to understand accounting prior to the subject starting. Overall I would highly recommend 'The ultimate accounting refresher course' to anyone who needs a well explained accounting refresher!" - Hannah Reid

"This is the practical implementation of accounting that will give you the skills you need at the beginning of an introductory accounting course. I would recommend this to someone to run through before they start the accounting course in their MBA. It is really useful to know that there are only 20 or so major accounting journal entries and the ratio’s resource is extrmely useful in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different ratios. The course builds on concepts very logically. Highly recommended." - Adam Copp

Other courses in development ....